Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Mission

Cedar Park Church began in 1970 and for over 50 years has been growing and reaching the Bothell community and greater Eastside.  Everything we do at Cedar Park is driven by our mission, to create opportunities for people to be changed by the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

Vertical Values

Our first two values are the Altar of God and the Word of God. These values shape the way we live and worship, both in church on Sundays and at work on Mondays.

"The altar is a symbol that reminds us that God invites into relationship with him." 

"God's Word is what informs our teaching, transforms our thinking, and conforms our behavior to his will."

Horizontal Values

Our second two values are the People of God and the Mission of God. These values help us become the community God desires us to be and carry out his mission for the world.

"It's not about reaching a demographic; it's about being a church that represents people from all nations, all generations, and all stations of life."

"The mission of God isn't just confined to sharing our faith with those who are far from God; it also compels and empowers us to be a part of redeeming and restoring everything that's been broken by sin."