Next Steps

Next Steps

Next Steps

Maybe you're new to Cedar Park, or maybe you've been attending for a while. So what's next? Our Next Steps class is a group that launches 3 times a year. We meet for 4 weeks in a row on Sunday Mornings. In this class, we dive into our mission and values. We also learn about potential next steps in your journey of faith here at Cedar Park, whether that means joining a group, serving, getting baptized, beginning the path to membership, or simply learning what makes CP tick. For more info, dates and times, or to sign up for the next class contact Pastor Lori.

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What is Christian baptism? Baptism is an immersion in water as an outward and public statement of your inward commitment to follow Christ. If you have made this decision and have not been baptized, this is your next step! Are you ready? If you're an adult and would like to be baptized, click the registration link below. If your child would like to be baptized, follow the other link options to sign them up for the next baptism class.

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Child Dedication

Children are a gift from God! At Cedar Park, Child Dedication is a public declaration before God, the church, and your family, of your intent to raise your child in a way that honors God and points them to Jesus. It's also a time for family, friends, and the church body to support you. Child dedications take place on the fourth Sunday of each month. If you'd like your child to be dedicated, click on the link below.

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