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“A Church that works is Church THAT works.”

How often have you thought about God’s call on your life? Have you ever felt that the work you are doing could be fulfilling and part of that call?

Whether you are in business, management – or perhaps you are a homemaker, or in healthcare, education, or politics – or maybe you are still at school or have just begun your career. In any case, God has an exciting call and purpose for your Monday – Friday work!

Introducing GodWork 360, a Cedar Park Church Ministry, focused on inspiring and serving people and helping them discover their calling at work. GodWork 360 aims to encourage and inspire the Church to make a difference for Christ, so that we can be transformational in our places of work.

GodWork 360 will include Small Group Meetings, one-on-one mentoring, work/business advisory services, prayer visits at work, online resources – and much more!

For more information, please contact Associate Pastor, Paul Graves.

Let’s go to work together! Let’s be the Church that works, for God’s glory!