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Cedar Park Groups provide opportunities to connect you with people of common interests and develop new friendships along the way.

Groups offer a variety of interests, from cooking to prayer, from missions to running, and everywhere in between. Chances are we can connect you to a Group that you’d enjoy.

Each Group is led by a Cedar Park Church attendee, and they are sharing their interests, passions, and hobbies with others and you – but only if you get involved.

Groups change throughout the year, kicking off in January, April, and September. The trimester schedule works to remain flexible with your life. We understand that life gets busy with work, sports, children, and schoolwork, so we’ve made it easy to join a group anytime.

Take a look at our Groups Online Directory to find one that interests you and join today!

If you want to lead a Cedar Park Group, or have any questions regarding Groups, contact Pastor Lori Nelson.


Online Groups Directory